Video: Making Puran Polis

When in Mumbai, we attended a puja at my aunt’s place in Jogeshwari. There we enjoyed a delicious south india lunch, served on banana leaves. Freshly made, warm puran polis, dribbled with home-made tuup (clarified butter), was one of many desserts. The catering crew were making it in the back. Enjoy the video.

puran poli sanzori konkani foodsAnd see this older post, where I describe how our extended family comes together to make Sanzori, a variant of the puran poli. So much fun.

Here is Shilpa’s (Aayis Recipes) excellent recipe for puran poli (also called Obbattu).

And another recipe for Puran Poli from Sailu’s Kitchen.

Some of my Other Videos:


  1. The guys dirty feet are in the atta, extremely unhygienic.

  2. I love them too. Called Hoornada Holige in Kannada, this is one of my all time favourites.

    • Thank you Anushruti;
      Yes! puran polis are popular in karnataka as well. Isn’t it in karnataka, that they have variations with coconut-based fillings? I used to love those as well.

      Verily, I Live to Eat!

  3. Poornima Prabhu says:

    Yummy!! That was a delicious post… :)

  4. Joyce Kai says:

    Actually, I think we worry about germs WAAAY too much in this country. Exposure to common germs probably helps keep our immune systems in tip-top order. However, I would never dare eat street food in India, mostly because when travelling I don’t want to risk losing a day to sickness. To be honest, I have never eaten street food in the US either.

    • Joyce: When I went to india after a 6 year lapse, I tried the chaat and promptly had an upset stomach for 3 days! Sheer torture!
      Since then I work hard at ‘maintaining’ this hard acquired immunity! :-)

      And yes, if you are just visiting! Absolutely stay away – perhaps try it on your last day (with a standby dose of Imodium for the flight)

      On Devon Ave in Chicago, in Edison, NJ and certainly in Jackson Heights NY, you get some great indian street food. you should definitely try.

      … I do worry about the indiscriminate use of antibiotics here and the resulting far more insidious drug-resistant strains! Now, those are scary!

      Live well!

  5. Joyce Kai says:

    There are 2 things that bother me about this video –
    1. Germs: The person’s feet were awfully close to the area where the bread was being rolled out.
    2. Ergonomics: Sitting on the ground to do all that work that I normally do on a counter would just kill my back and shoulders, and my legs would probably go to sleep. How do they stand it?

    However, as Julia Child says, we never see what goes on in the kitchen, and it does look delicious! I thought it was very interesting to see how they managed to turn them over without tearing them, using that skinny spatula thingy.

    • Thank you for sharing your points.

      I hear what you say about germs; But if you start worrying about germs in India, you’ll never eat;and since it is roasted, I think that affords a bit of protection. and an excellent point from Julia Child.

      In India, I worry about the street food that is served raw, like chaat! (like paani puri). Even that I eat, as I think it reconstitutes the intestinal flora! :-) and it is the tastiest!

      In Indian culture, folks sit on the floor a lot more; After starting Yoga here and struggling to sit on the floor, I have started to sit on a yoga block to watch movies and read. It really stretches my hip-related musculature and reduces running-associated soreness and injuries. In one of the links, you see my aunts comfortably seated on the floor while they make the dishes ~ it is a cultural thing. Here in Boston, we still do most kitchen activities at the counter or dining table.

      And thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Yummy, mouth is watering. Had never seen it being made before, though I have eaten so many. Had never wondered how it is made.

  7. :(( I want to eat puran poli now :((.

    • Me too! :-(
      heh – you can make some puran-polis for Diwali ~ and put lots of tuup! just like your mom would have done!

      Hope you are feeling better after that flu shot.
      and Thank you!.


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