Parsi Dairy Farm – Still the bestest

Parsi Dairy Farm best place for mithai in Mumbai

True Mumbaikars know the place for delicious sweets, desserts and even milk is Parsi Dairy Farm on Princess St, Mumbai; at the ramp for the Marine Lines Flyover and across the street from the Gita Press bookstore. Milk was delivered by their dudhwallahs in khaki shorts and cobalt blue shirts. They’d balance the handa (milk pot) on their thigh and carefully measure out the milk.

Their sutarfeni (sweet, shredded, flaky, rice dough, topped with almonds & pista) helped with many celebrations. To this day I am partial to Parsi Dairy sutarfeni, despite many of our family’s shifting allegiance to D Damodar (see earlier post).

As Meera grows up, I want her to experience the little joys I had. Thus on every visit we retrace the steps of my youth. On my last visit, I took her to Parsi Dairy. Their offerings have changed slightly and now include misti dohi – sweet curds (or yogurt) set in tiny clay pots.

Here is one of their dudhwallahs ready to help. A sweet curd pot (500 gm) was Rs 53. Interestingly, Meera prefers their plain curds and mumbles “yummy” in between stuffing her face.
Parsi Dairy Farm best place for mithai in Mumbai

Look at the goodies: Masala milk (300 ml) @ Rs 30; Mitha Lassi (200 ml) @ Rs 22. They offer you a straw, but it is so thick, better to spoon it. When you are thirsty or hungry, skip that chemical laden, gassed (carbonated), colored water and give this healthy alternative a try! Those rasmalai and malai sandwiches are heavenly. Now you know how I gained 5 lbs during my visit.
Parsi Dairy Farm best place for mithai in Mumbai

Assortment of sweets. They also sell cow’s milk ghee! I packed a few for Boston.
Parsi Dairy Farm, the best place for mithai in Mumbai

As I sipped the lassi, Meera ventures (bindass) behind the counter, smiles at the guy, who hands her a peda. She dashes out, shows me the peda and anticipating my displeasure, stuffs the whole peda in her mouth – and giggles. While I shake my head and buy the curds, Meera again sneaks behind the counter and stuffs her face with another peda! Obviously, she is going to be a life long fan of Parsi Dairy … just like her father.

In mumbai, I chatted with the great grandson of the Founder of Parsi Dairy Farm, Ardeshan Nariman. More on that in another post.
Contact Details:
Parsi Dairy Farm
261/63, Shamaldas Gandhi Marg (Princess Street), Mumbai 400 002
Tel +91 (0) 22 2201 3633

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  1. Recently I visited Parsi Dairy Farm and had Kulfi. It was light in taste for tongue but was heavy for stomach. Two people can easily share kulfi. Cost I guess- approx. 50 rupees.

  2. ankit jain says:

    can they parcel kulfi to other cities also or we have to buy from there shop only because i live in kolkata so i thought they can parcel or not.

    • In this day, they should be providing this valuable service.
      I am not sure if they provide this service, please call them and ask.
      Good point.

    • Bhavin Shah says:

      Dear Ankit Jain,

      All variants of Original Parsi Dairy Kulfis are available in Kolkata at Gokul Fresh in Kakurgachi / Phoolbagan. We also have many resellers across the city including Spencers. We are the exclusive distributors for this product in Eastern India. You may call 033-4006-7474. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Can some one let me know the answers for these questions about Parsi Dairy ?
    1. Who is the founder ?
    2. Are the dairy products of Parsi Dairy Farm made out of milk from Pure Desi Gai ( Bos Indicus Breed) or jersey or HF?
    3. How much do they sell milk per litre when they door deliver?

    Please send in your answers to


    • Thank you for posting.
      The easiest may be for you to call one of the Parsi Dairy Farm outlets in Mumbai.
      I am currently in Boston and unable to get the correct information.

      Happy Diwali

  4. Hi Arun, my mum and dad were Anglo Indian and my husband, myself and three children were in Mumbai last year tracing family history in Sewree cemetery. The taxi driver drove us passed the Parsi dairy and i’m ashamed to say we didn,t stop. We always make a special trip to Pooja, when in London to get a selection of sweets and stock up on Ras Malai which my girls have developed a taste for. |We’ll be in Mumbai en route to Bhopal in December this year so will definitely make a scheduled stop to The Parsi dairy. Can you recommend anything in particular?

    • You drove by the Parsi Dairy and did not stop? *van gogh’s scream*
      Next time, try their sweet curd in a clay pot, my favorite. Also, their sweet Lassi, Sutarfeni and their cham-chams / ras malai. That should only be like 3000 calories. If you have been walking, try their “mawa pedas;” delicious. I have spied Meera gulping two of those down!
      And to bring home, consider their Ghee. I bring it here and reheat and use.

  5. Please mail me the contact numbers of franchisee managers of Parsi dairy
    I am intrested in opening a franchise at borivli (w) in Mumbai

  6. Parsi Dairy Farm has now hired Girls for Selling their Sweets :)

  7. Hi Arun !

    I am now in Mumbai working with Vogue India. I pass this place very often living and working in South Mumbai. Will make a stop one of these days and try the delicacies. I am huge fan of anything milk. You must text me next time you are here and we must meet up ! After having been here 3 months now, I am beginning to like the city a whole lot. The first month was hard and a bit lonely. But now, I know my way around the city….well at least the southern bit :)

    • Hi MakeUpGirl! Congratulations on being in my favorite city!
      You get to go by Parsi Dairy every day? Well, that can be dangerous.
      Yes, Mumbai is difficult to get used to; it is grimy and at times very rude. but it is mumbai, you know.

      I plan on visiting Mumbai by the end of July or early August and will definitely send you a message. Do you mind sending me your telephone # directly to my email?
      And if you are game, I can take you on a tour of some of my favorite haunts in South Mumbai – The best!

      And, wow! Congratulations on

      PS, Do occasionally visit your blog; am amazed at the time you spend with the video and pics! Congrats.

  8. Sam Majgaonkar says:

    Dear Arun Shanbhag,
    Its very nice idea that u have put the photograph of the shop with a complete postal address. There is a small request if you could present the sweets with their close up and names. Example presentation by P Damodar Mithaiwale. It will also give me a choice to choose when I am back in India.

    I am staying abroad but there is and will never be any Mithai like its taste in India.


    • Arrey yaar! you are killing me by asking for close-ups of the mithai. Even this is mouth watering (I stay abroad too).

      But good point. On my next trip there, I will make it a point to visit Parsi Dairy and take close-up pics (and of course eat more mithai).


  9. Just wanna remark on few general things, The website design and style is perfect, the articles is real wonderful :D

  10. Hello Arun,

    My husband is Indian, though he moved here (California, USA) 40 years ago. He found your comments on sutarfeni and asked me contact you. He loves sutarfeni, but it is very difficult to find in the U.S. (And I am not particularly gifted at making Indian sweetmeats!) Do you know anyone who would be willing to ship sutarfeni to me from the Parsi Dairy Farm? I am happy to pay for the service and shipping in advance. It would mean a lot to me to be able to provide such a special treat to my husband.


    • Hi Judi:

      The man has good taste! Sutarfeni is the best.
      I don’t think Parsi Dairy Farm can ship to the US? Actually the US Customs does not permit food shipped into the country.

      But here in the US, Sukhadia’s in NJ is THE place for sweets. I have visited them and tasted their fare :-) They have Sutarfeni. I don’t remember trying sutarfeni there, but I’m sure it is good. All their sweets are good!

      Their specialty is “Jalebis” which are shipped all over the country for various occasions. So when you order, try some of the jalebis too. Very delicious!

      Your husband will thank you, but his doctor may not ;-)
      Let me know how this works for you.


  11. Hi. My name is Rupa and live in America. I am slowly learning to make Indian food. I noticed you haven’t posted any authentic Indian recipes on here. Can you please share some of your famous recipes?

    • Hi Rupa:
      Ha ha! I don’t think i have any famous recipes, but have posted many of M’s recipes in the past. Will prolly continue with that once they join me in Jan.

      In the meantime, you should check out Shilpa’s site for some amazing foods. That is usually our first “go to” site for delicious konkani recipes.


  12. Hey Arun,
    I am just drooling at the sight of malai sandwich, rasmalai,pedha.. yummy.. Had never heard of this place until now..Better late than never,.. Shall surely visit next time.. Thanks for posting..

  13. My dad who used to work in VT used to get stuff from that place all the way back to our house in Mulund. It was simply put ‘Divine’. It has stayed that way and is one reason why I still travel every few mths to that part of town to buy stuff from there. Of course the excuse I give is to visit kashi Mutt temple at banganga :)

  14. Radhika says:

    They have a branch in Dadar Hindu colony near Dadat TT Circle. Their sweet curd is just too good.
    Food and places like these really made my 1.5 years in Hindu colony special !

    • Thank you Radhika.
      I think I have seen that coming off the Tilak Bridge. Isn’t it a tiny place?
      And the Hindu Colony is such a centrally located place.

  15. My favourite place since childhood too, for savoury paneer and sweet yogurt.

  16. Dr Sagar Gudhka says:

    I completely agree with what Arun has to say. Parsi is one of the finest dairy farm ever experienced by me. I like the way they maintain hygiene and I appreciate their service !


    Dr. Sagar

    • Thank you Sagar for your enthusiastic agreement.
      As you pointed out, the place is super clean and I love the people working there as well. Besides, they were super nice to Meera and gave her TWO pedas! :-)


  17. One of my favorite place to gooble couple of their trademark pedas….yummm
    Since u r a Parsi Dairy farm fan like me, hv u tried their caramel toffee….it is soo chewy n gooey.
    Infact they hv a branch in Mumbai Valsad highway…cannot remember te exact location rite now….they serve sum of the best batata wadas…awesome.
    And I can c the daughter is developing her tastebuds for good food.

    • Thank you Chetana for your enthusiastic support of Parsi Dairy Farm.
      I have NOT tried their caramel toffee. I am alsways so overwhelmed by their curds, lassi, rasmalai and else. So many amazing things, so little time.
      I guess that means I’ll have to go there more often.

      And yes, Meera is definitely in the ‘absorb like a sponge’ stage and I try to expose her to all things traditional. She’s loving it.

  18. Will surely visit the shop when I go to Mumbai :). Thanks for sharing it with us. Hope you are having a good time there in Mumbai…

  19. Drool, drool and more drool is all I can for this post…What great pleasures!

  20. now if this just doesn’t make me want to GO THERE, i don’t know what would. plus, we totally trust meera’s taste. :)


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