Joyful Waiting at Mumbai’s Terminal T2

photos Mumbai's Terminal T2 at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport by Arun Shanbhag

Departure lounge at Mumbai’s Terminal T2 – appears like a subterranean cavern inspired by lotus pods

On arriving at Mumbai airport on my recent trip, I trudged the long corridor dragging my carry-on. My tired brain perceived a few garish, modern interpretations of art, then a collage of a young, angry Amitabh (circa Don), a beautiful frieze reminiscent of Tamil Nadu art, a well detailed Rajasthani courtyard. Only then I realized I was walking through the new Terminal T2 at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Though exhausted from the long trip, I slowed my pace and enjoyed the sights like if I was visiting a museum. The Immigration Hall was ginormous putting to shame the one in Boston. On the front wall were giant letters in many languages spelling “Welcome” – nice; should make Mumbaikars proud.

Did not pull out my camera then, but I had two other flights out from the international airport and got a chance to take several pics of the departure lounges and terminals.

When you arrive at terminal T2, take your time and enjoy the art. Baggage takes an excruciating 30-45 minutes, so no reason to rush. It’s better than staring at that lone bag going round’n round on an otherwise empty carousel.

Loved the overhead lotus bloom lamps; a display mentioned there were a thousand such blooms at the airport. Probably more.

I saw about 8 workers inspecting the faucets and urinals in the men’s room. Hope they can keep up the maintenance at this beautiful $1B airport. And the first person who spits should be whipped in public.


  1. Wow… Impressive! Saw them in the email forwards but thought they might be touched up. ;) can’t wait… Week be heading there summer!


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