Running along the Charles – A true blessing!

The mercury reached 50 F (9 C) and winter’s shackles are crumbling. The Sun was out and for the second day in a row, I went out for a run along the Charles River.

Wiz past the Science Museum, swing onto Memorial Drive, past the old Lotus Building, underneath the Longfellow bridge, past MIT, sprint on the Mass Ave bridge with the wind howling in my ears, drop to the Esplanade along Storrow Drive. Most of the river surface is still frozen ice with scores of geese sunning themselves. The setting sun was spectacular! Ducks shaking their lethargy. Cuddling love birds on the banks ensure the ice will soon melt away.

Heart pounding past the baseball fields, over Storrow and a last dash to the Gym Entrance. Heart rate chugging at 157, dropping rapidly, 127 and 107.


The day before, I had gone past the Mass Ave bridge and swung around the BU Bridge along the BU campus. Each of the bridges is architecturally superb.

How fortunate I am to be able to do this. Be here is Boston, healthy, and the opportunity to run. How blessed!

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