San Francisco

SFO has to be the best city in the US. Moderate weather, beautiful vistas, great architecture and a fabulous collection of restaurants among a diversity of culture. It was sunny and dry between 70 – 80 deg F (21 – 27 deg C). A great walking city. I walked, ran, ate, met up with friends, chatted, ate, ran, talk talk talk, walk walk walk, click click click, ate ate ate, ran ran ran. Overall Fun Fun Fun!

And then I returned to Boston on the red-eye (what a pain!); and on the steps of my home there was SNOW! Yes, Yes, YES! SNOW! – the white stuff! and nearly 0 deg C. And to think that I was actually sweating 2 days ago, walking the hills in SFO.

One of my colleagues felt I should be careful, as such a large temperature swing can make one sick 😦 Maybe I should go back to SFO – but the 6 hour flight is a royal pain.

Lets just enjoy the best of Boston 🙂

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