Friday morning, one of my friends called and asked if I would join her for a cup of coffee. As I had just picked up a large hazelnut coffee, I said no, and asked, “whats up?”

As she started to talk, I realized, what she had really mean’t was,
“I need somebody to talk to and you are one of my closest friends here. Would you like to go with me and pick up some coffee, and along the way I can tell you some things which are bothering me?”

As I realized this (yes, I am dense), I politely interrupted her and mentioned that I actually will join her for coffee. “See you in two minutes in the lobby,” I said.

I wonder if I really listen when people are talking. Particularly those close to me. Or am I so absorbed in my own life that I only hear them, without actually listening?
hmmm, time for a sunday afternoon nap 🙂

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