Lost in Translation – Review

Warning! Tirade incoming!!!

Scarlett Johansson is hot!

I recently saw “Lost in Translation.” Scarlett Johansson is hot! What a waste of time! Scarlett Johansson is hot!

It is written and directed by Sofia Coppola, d/o of the legendary Francis Ford “The Godfather” Coppola. Scarlett Johansson is hot! This only confirms what we have long know: true talent is not passed through the genes.

That same Sofia, who looked ‘hot’ in Godfather III as the daughter of Michael Corelone, and looked ghastly at the recent Oscars. wohi, who made Virgin Suicides. I remember vividly. After seeing that movie I had felt the strong urge to slash my wrists. Now you know why all the sisters in that movie commit suicide. Can you imagine working with Sofia for months on end?

Scarlett Johansson is hot!

Coming back to our movie, there is no story. Actually the title of the movie was supposed to be, “A boring week in the life of an American Executive in Tokyo.” But the creative talent at the studio felt that would be giving away the whole story. Besides, coming over from Tokyo, it was lost in the translation (had to sneak it in somewhere). It is said that the movie was shot in a record 28 days. I ask, Why so long?

Scarlett Johansson is hot!

And, their website (which I will not be providing a link to) has the following banner:
“Over 245 critics nationwide rave,
One of the best pictures of the year
More than any other movie of 2003”

You must be kidding! Hello! There were atleast two LOTR movies released in 2003. Not to mention the Matrix series, Seabiscuit, etc. And all those Bollywood movies!

Scarlett Johansson is hot!

BTW, the only saving grace: Scarlett Johansson is hot! but sorry no sex.

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