Gundi and Navya

On Friday, our friend Sandhya delivered a baby girl. Gopal and Sandhya are thrilled, and so is their three year old daughter Meghana. She goes by Gundi. BTW, Gundi is quite a character. She is very mature, caring and needs constant attention. She chats incessantly in Kochi Konkani. Like most kids her age, she cannot pronounce the letter “r” and calls me “Ayun – maam.”

Ever since her mom was expecting, Gundi wanted a baby brother. In the hospital when she found it was a girl, she apparently asked, “Will she turn into a baby brother after a few days?” Cute uh? Whats with that hairdo you ask? I think its straight from Kochi. Yesterday they had a “cradling/naming” ceremony for the new arrival – Navya. This pic was taken last Sunday when the baby was 48 hours old.


  1. Sweet pies!!!

  2. Sandhya says:

    Arun, very nice. Time sure flies by. Thanks for putting gondi’s and navya’s pictures on the blog.

  3. Thank you Sandhya!
    It was a treat for me too, seeing this old post.
    Navya looks sooooo tiny! … and quiet!

    and Gundi of yore! Ha hA!


  1. […] is Meghana and Navya. Here they are, the week Navya was born. Time sure flies […]

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