An Apple (or two) a day!

I love to eat apples. They are juicy, crunchy, delicious and filling. And they are nutritionally loaded! A convenient snack whenever I want. I carry a couple in my bag everyday to work. I eat them at my desk, walking to the train, waiting for a meeting, or even in a lecture. Wet and wipe clean, and bite into it! Crunch! Crunch! Some varieties are so juicy that as you bite, you have to suck the juice as well, or it runs down the side of your mouth.

I eat about 8-10 apples each week. Thus I select a wide variety at the grocery stores. Red Delicious are probably my favorite – sweet, juicy and crunchy. As they over ripen they tend to crumble without a crunch and that is a big NO. Braeburns are probably my next favorite. They are a little smaller and great as a second apple of the day. I need to be in a certain mood to munch on the extra crunchy and sour Granny Smiths. If I cut one at home, I sprinkle a little salt on it and it reminds me of 'kairi' with salt outside the school. Royal Gala seems a nice mix of the crunchiness of the Granny Smith and the sweetness of the Red Delicious. Fuji apples are very similar in taste, crunchiness and sweetness to the Braeburns, but a tad less juicy. The Golden Delicious are probably my least favorite, They seem to have aspects I dislike in all the others – they crumble, less sweet, less juicy, not sour – just middle of the road. But I still eat them regularly for variety – to build character I say! What about Macintosh's? Well, there is only so much character a guy can have.

Here are a few apples from this weekend. Can you match the names to the apples shown. There is only one of each. Give it a shot! Better still, pick up a few during your next stop at the grocery store.

Answers here
Crunch! Crunch!

5 thoughts on “An Apple (or two) a day!

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  1. Dove:
    A jar of applesauce a day? You really are passionate about apples!
    Good for you! You are prolly getting most of the benefits of eating whole apples.
    I just eat them whole: just wash and go crunch! I don’t peel them, but sometimes, I feel the skin is very tough and wish I had peeled them. M (my partner) likes them peeled as well 🙂
    Methinks variety is good. I also do carrots, or red peppers, grape tomatoes, nectarines, etc. and whatever is on ‘sale’ 🙂

    thank you for visiting and commenting!
    Live life to the fullest, Dove!

  2. Oops, meant almost daily, I do skip a few days of having it. I don’t think it’s good to have (or do) the same ole thing daily — the body likes variety 🙂

  3. No time to peel apples, so I eat a great brand of organic apple sauce (from the local co-op) that comes in a glass jar. I eat a big jar of it daily, and wondering if I at least get close to the same benefits as eating fresh apples. I realize it doesn’t have the same “aliveness” that is so good for us, but hoping I still get a lot of the benefits of those wonderful apples.

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