T-Stop: Charles/MGH

At 6:40 every workday evening, I wait for the train at this T-stop, “Charles/MGH.” Eyes peeled for the Red Line train to chug along from the tunnel and take me home. If I turn around, I could see the beautiful Boston Skyline, and occasionally the sun setting on the Charles River. But my head still spins around to check if the train has appeared. What draws me to this particular view?

Maybe its the tracks merging in the distant. The edges of the platforms, the roofs of this simple structure, all pointing and drawing my eyes to the distance, where the train would first appear. Stout buildings sprouting in the background contrast nicely with the lines of the station. Also culminates a long work day, a good work out, I am famished now, and time to head home for warm chapattis and sabzi.

What a difference the seasons make. Both pics were taken at about the same time. The first sometime last October, with the days significantly shorter. The second, last week. The days have still to get longer. Does the second count as a self portrait?

At the end of this week, the station will be torn down and a 2-year construction project begins. The new station is certain to have better amenities and look more posh. But I am going to miss this one. Whatever structure is around, the tracks will still be there, pointing, there … where my ride will appear, to take me home.

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