Flower Sellers at the Ramnathi Temple, Goa

photos of women selling flowers at the Ramnathi Devasthan Temple Goa by Arun Shanbhag

In March, I posted a photo essay on the Flower Sellers at the Dadar Flower Market. These beautiful people, with little material belongings, seemed so content with their lives. That left a lasting impression.

When I visited Goa, there too I was touched by the flower sellers. We had camped at the Ramnathi Temple, Ponda. After the main puja and aarti, the temple is closed and my family settled in for a nap. I picked up my camera and snuck out. The temple surroundings were nearly deserted but for a few flower women spread out along the corridors. During this lull in the day, they were preparing for the evening rush of devotees and weaving exquisite gajras and fragrant streamers. In this pic, one is using a plant fiber vaayu to weave the gajra. As with their colleagues in Mumbai, these flower sellers have so little to call their own, yet seemed to lead so content lives. Smiling ever at all passersby. The next time you are outside a temple, pause and buy a few flowers. You will make a bigger difference than giving to any charity. Enjoy these few images.

See Other Flower Sellers:

26 thoughts on “Flower Sellers at the Ramnathi Temple, Goa

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  1. Namaskar

    Shree Mangesh is my Kula Deva at Mardol Ponda GOA
    It is also near to Ramnathi
    When I setled ashiore in Chennai we used to visit regularly and my children were in school )from 1979 onwards.

    Yes the Flower sellers at Temoples is special -My daughter became friends as she would but Flowers and also all things inc Cashew Fruit, Karmals etc

    The loving kind attitude was a class apart -and your line”

    As with their colleagues in Mumbai, these flower sellers have so little to call their own, yet seemed to lead so content lives. Smiling ever at all passersby.
    I hope this culture of friendliness and peace will always continue



    (ps–I am also a Saraswat)

  2. Dear Mr Arun Shanbag,

    I am quiet impressed after going thru the site.I am also kulavi of Ramnathim(Shree Kamaxi Ramnath).I make it a point to visit the temple every Amavasya & attend palki-prasad of shree kamaxi.Its a wonderful feeling.Today is amavashya 8th Sept & i will be going after my office hours…
    Thanks for detailed info provided…..
    Keep the good work going…

    Jayendra Nayak

    1. Jayendra:
      How fortunate you are to be able to visit the Kuladevata so frequently!

      As you visit the temple, please think of all of us who are unable to be there and ask for blessing for us too.

      Many thanks and wishing you the best

      PS. I am planning to visit Goa in Dec and perhaps we can meet then.

  3. Dear Arun,
    I am very much impressed about your various different blogs. This is my first visit to this site. I will visit again. Thanks

  4. Hi Arun
    Fantastic website … I was touched by the endeavor you have taken to painstakingly maintain it.
    I am also a GSB with God Ramnath being my Kul Devta .. the information on the website enlightened me.
    Keep the good work going.
    Mandar Keny

    1. Mandar:
      Thank you for your kind words and glad to know another Ramnath Kulavi! Namaskar!

      And every time I visit Goa or any of our temples or see our people serving the community, I am so touched by joy, that I try to immortalize it through this site. Many thanks for visiting.

      Dev Barae Karo!

    1. I always have the best time in Goa! it is so refreshing visitiing the temples. The people all over Goa are so amazing, particularly the poor.

      And I love the flower sellers!
      Thank you!

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