Blue Sky

What about blue skies?

Something about blue skies draws me in. Maybe its memories of childhood running at Palva bunder (gateway of india), with the wind howling in my ears, racing my brothers and cousins, dodging and weaving through the crowd. Every time I am outdoors and see a blue sky, instinctively I stretch my arms wide, tilt my face up, close my eyes, … and hope the moment lasts for ever! Freedom! To be lost in space! Communion with the Supreme! Forever!

What is it about blue skies? Please tell me.

I will try and post a different blue sky image everyday for the rest of the week. The foreground is incidental, Boston in this case!

[click image for largery version]

Nikon FM3a, 24mm, Manual, 200ASA Velvia Slide film, scanned and exposure compensated

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