Lets Keep India Shining!

The political events in India over the last ten days has led to a flurry of editorials and extremists opinions on all sides of the political spectrum. Here on LJ, you can see spirited opinions posted every where. Spirited, because we all care about one thing! That Indian development and reforms continue and lead to long-term economic growth. The fruits of development should be enjoyed by all, the business entrepreneur to the rural farmer. How we achieve this is being debated and implemented. Political parties in the ruling alliance are changing their positions to reach a consensus. This is democracy at work. With much peaceful debate, we will tweak the system to do it right, and the spectacular progress of the last 7 years will continue.

Now that we have a new Prime Minister, an economist to boot, it behooves all of us to put our differences aside and work shoulder to shoulder to help him succeed. Actually we will be helping India succeed. We need a stable government to last 5 years. Election money can be better spent on providing basic necessities such as clean water, food, shelter and some clothing!

Lets reach inside our hearts and aspire for noble ideals. We can do it.
Lets keep India Shining!

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