Blue Skies: Brienzersee

Brienzersee (Lake Brienz):
Between Brienzersee and Thunersee is the town of Interlaken. A perfect launching pad for excursions into the jungfrau region and nearby towns. The lake is crystal clear, and in many places you can see bottom! On this day, we took a long boat ride on the lake, followed by a train-ride to Luzern. As the train sped along the water, the lake seemed to stand still, with the surrounding mountains paying their respects by slowly circumambulating (or pradakshan). It was a time to sit back in silence, stare out and be engrossed with the beauty, on the other side of the glass.

… Neele neele amber per
Chand jab aaye
Pyar barsayae
Humko tarsaye.

Oonche oonche parvat
Jab choomte hai amber ko
Pyaasa pyaasa amber
Jab choomta hai saagar ko …

[click image for larger version]

June 2003; Olympus 4040Z Digital.

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