Socialists, Communists and Criminals!

Welcome to the New Indian Government!

A hodge-podge of unsavory characters. The ruling coalition represents 14 parties, 67 cabinet positions (doing what?), and 25 – 30 MPs have criminal records. BTW, no education, or governing experience is needed! Just promise free electricity to the poor and you are sure to be elected. Maybe even be a Cabinet Minister. Just ask Laloo. He is the new Railways Minister. Experience with dancing around trees is a big plus as well. Just check with the jumping jack Govinda. He is busy asking everyone, “What is your mobile number?” While the entire world seems to be embracing free market policies, indians are clamoring for the failed policies of socialists and communists, with the enthusiasm of love-struck teenagers.

With the frenetic pace of globalization, most economists would agree that the best role for government is to provide incentives and infrastrucutre development to alleviate poverty, rather than subsidies such as free electricity or water.

In the Aug 2003 issue of the Harvard Business Review, Lawrence Summers, President of Harvard University and former Secretary of the US Treasury during the Clinton Administration editorializes, “the communist vision has been rejected; the socialist vision of government owning and directing the means of production has been discredited. To a large extent, the idea that government can pick and choose activiites and command industry is seen as outmoded at best and counterproductive at worst.”

Why then this new fascination for socialists, communists and criminals in the government?

The role of leaders is not to provide free electricity or water, but to harness the resources so that individuals by their hard work can participate in the local economy and thrive. Leaders need to convince the masses that the role of government is not to provide a free lunch, but to provide all workers an opportunity to work and earn their own feast for lunch and dinner. The mantra should be “sacrifices and hard work are required by all,” but unfortunately, the current government’s messages is, “Feast for All.”

What did you expect with socialists, communists and criminals at the till. Welcome to the New India Dimming!

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