DaVinci Code: Mother of all novels

DaVinci Code: Mother of all novels!

As the bus screeched to a halt at my stop, I alighted and the lady from down the street followed. She motioned to my headphones and waved goodbye (normally we say a few words before going our ways). Politely, I removed my headphones and mentioned the book I was listening to.

She nodded knowingly and said, “isn’t it gripping?” Not assuming anything, I asked how she liked it. “I haven’t read it, but my friend really liked it.” She continued, “my friend just delivered a baby. The entire time she was in the hospital, she just wanted to read that damn book. When we visited, she didn’t care to discuss her baby, she just stuck her face in the book.” Seeing my astonishment, she explained, “its her second baby you know, so the excitement was less.” As if!

I rolled my eyes and motioned a goodbye. If I do something similar, shoot me! please!

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