Family Time

My parents were visiting from India on their annual trip. So I took a few days off and just lazed around the house. Caught up on general gossip from Mumbai; what each cousin, nephew or niece is up to; as well as the recent elections, lazy garbage collectors, casual attitude of BMC corruption, and other such stuff.

With my brothers visiting as well, we caught up on the really important matters, such as the latest computer software, cameras, gadgets and toys. Wait till you see what my brother got me for my b’day! :)) Shopping is as always a pleasant distraction, particularly an outdoor outlet mall in Maine.

The initial concerns of ‘invasion of privacy’ were given away to a relaxing family time. Food represented the only occasional, minor source of irritation. It is no secret that I love food. But I am very finicky about what, and how much I eat. Breakfast is usually two slices of heavy whole wheat, or sourdough bread (with nutella of course), a piece of fruit serves as a snack, a cup of soup and a quick fruit yogurt for lunch and a decent dinner early in the evening. That too after a nice workout. Weekends we splurge on extending our culinary horizons. My parents were used to a large sit-down breakfast, a full-lunch and a proper dinner. While we all enjoy traditional konkani cuisine, I am just not used to eating constantly. With a house full of folks, I did not get a chance to go running or workout, so there was a constant feeling of being bloated.

But it was fun to just spend time with my family. Yesterday they left to visit my other brother in NJ and then on to the Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. Now that is life!

For me it was tough getting back to work, but I relished by bread and nutella this morning and picked up the fruit for later in the day. As I packed gym clothes in my bag, I looked forward to indulging in my other love affair later this evening!

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