Mango Madness

Sunday was very relaxing and time to try some recipes. We had picked up a box of Mexican mangoes, which were surprisingly good. Combine that with a picture of a tart I had seen in the train. Perfect inspiration for a Mango turnover and a Mango tart.

For the turnover, I patted a central square of a pastry sheet, ladled two teaspoons of mango pulp (alphonso), skinned slices of mango, folded over and pressed the edges. I wish I could find my edge cutter. Lightly sprayed butter. Placed in the oven along with the tart below.

For the tart, I spread out the pastry sheet, cut strips and pressed on the edges, creating sort of a tray. Patted and poked holes in the center with a fork to prevent the pastry from rising and spooned copious amounts of mango pulp. Placed on a cookie sheet and in the oven for 20 minutes (400 deg C). Taking it out of the oven, I placed the mango slices and allowed to cool.

Surprisingly very simple. No added sugar, or any other thing. Just pastry sheet, and mango. Ate (and shared) while slightly warm. The turnover was delicious. The pulp had thickened in the oven and was not runny. The edges could have been sealed better. The tart was just superb. The mango slices had become warm. A scoop of vanilla icecream would have been heavenly – but we didn't have the icecream at home and I could not wait to dig in.

All in all a culinary delight; and low calorie to boot!

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