Deez DEMS Don't Doz!

The Democratic National Convention is in town to nominate John Kerry for the US Presidential Election. What a ruckus! Major roads and trains are closed for security reasons. On subways, bags are going to be checked. Imagine the look on the security guards face as xe holds up my soggy gym clothes. They may erroneously sound the biohazard alarm. To save the city such angst, I will be taking a few days off and catching up on life.

Even though the DNC starts tomorrow (Monday), the city was already a buzz this afternoon with a variety of protests. Heading out for a Dim Sum lunch we were thoroughly entertained by the demonstrators in the Boston Commons and Public Gardens. It was very peaceful, very colorful and had the sense of a carnival. People were displaying placards which read the usual: Stop the war; Stop the occupation in Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti (?); Bring our troops home; Stop the blockade of Cuba; More funding for schools; More teachers for schools; and so on. I was particularly drawn to these girls proudly displaying their enthusiasm for the Kerry Campaign.

This beautiful lady wanted to send Bush on an interplanetary voyage! Seeing her famished look and bare feet, my heart went out to this brave soul upholding our precious Freedom of Speech, and I briefly considered negotiating the price of the T-shirt with her. M's sharp elbow in my side reminded me that I had given up such liberties long ago, and could be sent on my own desolate journey 😦

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