Musings of an Idle Mind!

Took a few days off to stay away from the Democratic National Convention racket. M had to go in to work, “critical” worker that she is! So this is what I have been doing.

Did a lot of work in the garden. Planted 1 dogwood tree, two lilac bushes, two rhododendrons, 4 red barberrys, an asiatic lily, did some landscaping and pulled a million weeds. Also fed sunflower seeds to atleast four varieties of birds hanging out in our yard (please don't ask me to name them). Painstakingly collected about 50 walnuts dropped from the tree all over the yard and kept in a basket under the deck. Later I chased away a squirrel with a walnut in its mouth and found my basket empty 😦 I hate squirrels!

G-mail: what's with G-mail? The service has been absolutely horrendous. Most of the time I cannot even log-in. They also boast new compatibility with Safari for Mac OS-X (see under New Features! if you can log-in). Never able to access it from Safari. I wonder if this whole G-mail thing was a publicity stunt to jack up the price of their IPO and force their competitors to spend money to upgrade their service! At least Yahoo users got something!

As Swami Chinmayananda said, “Disappointment only comes to those who make appointment with the future.” *note to self: cancel appointment*

LJ: Posted daily. Embarrassed ! Commented a hazaar. Oh, you can all relax. No more birthday greetings, till …

Like they say: An idle mind is a devil's workshop! Workshop is open and chugging! DNC ends today and the workshop will go back to part-time hours – aren't you glad?

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