Konkan Railway: Welcome Aboard!

As we prepare to visit India again, here are a few pics from our 2002 trip. The Konkan Railway serves the Konkan coast from Mumbai to Goa, and down to Mangalore. Since Parashuram reclaimed the Konkan land from the seas, this is the best that has happened to this region.

The a/c coaches were very comfortable and the food was just superb. The kitchen car made the dishes from scratch. Here are a few pics taken from the Mumbai to Goa trip. We left CST around 10:00 pm and reached Panji around 9:00 am the next morning.

The second set of pics are from a week later between Bhatkal to Honavar taken around 6:00 pm.
Enjoy the trip!

I was not the only one who could not sleep. This gentleman communed.

Early morning at a station near Chiplun.

If you listen carefully, you could hear, “Ghanashyam Sundara” in the background!

The kids (not related) were having a blast.

About a week later, Bhatkal to Honavar
Bhatkal Train Station

Lush fields


  1. Thank you Strawberry M:

    That Bhatkal platform is like that – the place where I was born. A beautiful place!

    That’s the real life!

  2. Beautiful pics! And then there are those stations which don’t even have concrete platforms, and houses so far apart, you wonder what kind of different lives these people live away from the city, amidst such breathtaking beauty! Konkan rocks
    I hav written a post u might want to check out. it has some nice pics:


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  2. […] Konkan Railway: Welcome Aboard […]

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