Kabootar at the Taj Hotel Mumbai

A few pics from Mumbai, which go with this previous post

At the Gateway of India (GOI), I was hoping to capture the 'swoosh' of kabootar (pigeons) flying away. So I positioned myself, and asked M to dash into the feeding flock and scare them away. Easier said than done! She traipses towards the pigeons, murmuring “kabootar ja ja ja, kabootar ja ja ja.” I think more pigeons were drawn in, than flew away. After multiple futile instructions to “dash in,” I settled on this pic to capture the ambience at the GOI that morning.

The older Taj Hotel. Still the most charming Hotel in Mumbai!

Guard at the Front Entrance of the Taj

The rising sun gave the Taj a nice golden glow!
[click image for a larger version]

One more!
[click image for a larger version]

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