Visiting Lake Louise, Canada

I see everyone is enjoying deelight, radhika and basrya's pics. Sorry, I could not reply to your comments or see your related posts. Will catch once I return home on Wed next week.

We are having a blast here in Canada. Lake Louise is spectacular! An emerald lake fed by run-off from several glaciers. Lots of hiking, and ooohs and aaahs over fantastic vistas. We are so tired by the end of the day, we are in bed by 8:00 pm (the time zone difference too!). Today we traveled further north to the Columbia Icefields which feed 32 different glaciers. A special bus with gigantic tires took us about a mile onto the Athabasca glacier. With the constant run-off at one end and the snow falling at the other end, I felt I had stepped onto a living being. Fascination at walking on the glacier in blizzard like conditions was tempered with sadness, knowing/seeing the glaciers recede. In a generation, many of these will have melted away.

Work-related activities from tomorrow. Have a great day!

See our Picture Posts from our Calgary Visit:

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