Elements: Fire

Responding to 's Friday Five Photo Project (F2P2). The topic was the five Elements of nature: Earth, water, metal, wood and fire. I will tackle these in separate posts. Here's the first.

Atleast once a week I try to cook something at home. This gives M a break and me a chance to try something new. In the summer I grill a lot. As we get into winter, I try Chinese style stir-fry with lots of vegetables. M loves it too. I usually take her compliments with a grain of salt. More than the quality of my dish, it reveals how desperately she wants a break from the routine cooking; and I try to do something special everytime. Here was my Friday creation.

Jumbo Shrimp with Beans in Mongolian Fire Oil served over rice.
One bite and you'd be screaming, Fire!

Even my school teachers knew early on, I had trouble following instructions! hee heee!

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