Elements Part III: Water, Wood & Earth (Moraine Lake)

Pics from Moraine Lake Alberta Canada by Arun Shanbhag
In response to Minn’s query, I want to share this confluence of nature's elements.

About ten days ago we were in Banff National Forest, Alberta, Canada. There, nestled amidst ten tall mountain peaks was this crystal clear, azure blue Moraine lake, fed by long receding glaciers. The pile of dead trees have collected over centuries, when a rock slide likely sheared off a side of the mountain and created a wood and gravel pile. The absolutely dry weather, coupled with the ultra freezing temperatures keeps the wood from rotting. As part of the conservation effort, the Park rangers do not disturb anything in the wilderness and let nature take its course. The piles of earth on the left are also from rocky erosions over many centuries.

From our Calgary Visit:

From our Montreal Visit:

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