Veerappan: Like a hole in the head?

The notorious, cruel bandit had an early start in life. Following in his father's footsteps, he killed his first elephant at the age of 14, for the ivory. Since then he slaughtered 100s of elephants. Then he chopped down 1000s of sandalwood trees, selling the wood on the black-market. He graduated to kidnapping and murdering humans: 124 by last count! At the peak of his notoriety, he even held the Kannada movie legend Rajkumar hostage for 108 days for a ransom of 200 million rupees (~ USD 4.4M).

He thought he was going for a cataract operation (phony ambulance and all), but instead got a hole in the forehead. kaanoon ke haat bahut lambae hai

For all his brutality, you would assume the country would be celebrating: Think again! Nearly 20,000 people flocked to his funeral!

adapted from The Economist and other news articles!

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