Mumbai: Best place for an old-fashioned haircut

I look forward to haircuts in Mumbai. On my first day there, I head to this little hole in the wall, two blocks from our house. I don't think it has a name. Getting my hair cut there since I was a scampering kid. The same guys are there – only a little older; the same chairs – only now I don't need a booster seat. Nayeem is the one to cut my hair!

He still uses a comb and scissors – no clippers! And his scissors fly over my head in a clickety blur. To clean behind the neck and above the ears, he dabs cool liquid from a refilled Old Spice bottle, then breaks an old fashioned razor blade, inserts it into a waakar, and wields it deftly. Then the best part. He pours Pancharatna – an ayurvedic oil on my head and gives me a nice massage. Easy to doze off in the chair. Hah! And all for slightly over a dollar. I give him two (100 rupees)!
haircut in Mumbai

This is Nayeem! The guy in the back is getting an old-fashioned shave. I tried it once and thought the skin had come off my face – that close! Always ready for my next haircut!

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    1. Unfortunately, this barber shop closed as the building is under renovation, but I now go to the one across from Leopold Cafe; I think it is called Causeway Haircuts? I don;t see the name, I just know the people.

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