pics of sitaaphal by Arun Shanbhag
The one fruit I sorely miss. Sitaaphal from the fruit-wallah on Colaba Causeway, Mumbai. Sitaaphal is also called a custard apple.

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  1. I just flew to San Francisco from Bombay, arriving yesterday, and took two beautiful sitaaphal as my airplane snack. They are the excellent consolation prize in India when mango season comes to its sad end.

  2. Mona:
    Thanks . A beautiful blog you have! Love the recipes.

    Wow, those are exotic mangostines. Prolly worth a trip to Malaysia, just for those. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow it really reminds me of the mangostine fruit we eat in Malaysia. It looks like this:

    Interesting fruit, may have to find it. 😀
    LTZ xxx

  4. Hi – I love your blog! I used to work in fruit and veg market in Australia when I was younger (ha ha a long time ago now!) and I’m sure we had these in the market occassionally – they were called Custard Apples. Very yummy!

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