Bombay Crossing

Life in Bombay is not all vadaa-paav and sitaaphal. At times, the traffic and crowds elbowing on the sidewalks, did get to me. Then, I’d just pick-up my camera and try to capture the mundane chaos of the city.

One evening during rush hour, I was walking from Churchgate toward Fountain and was swallowed by throngs making their way to Churchgate. At a crossing the pedestrians were held back by the traffic light and a lone cop. As the light changed, the crowd surged forward like a river breaking a dam! Observing this from a corner for about 10 minutes reminded me of waves breaking repeatedly on the shore. As the lights changed, a new wave of workers dashed to the trains to take them home.

In the first pic, the light has just changed and the pedestrians surge. Bearings: the pedestrians have walked across the Central Telegraph Office and are crossing the street toward Churchgate. Bombay high court in the background.

However much you anticipate it, it is shocking to see so many handicapped people crawling along Bombay streets. There are so many of them, and everyone else is so absorbed in their lives, don't expect anyone to stop and help. Here was one crossing the busy street. Notice he is using a slipper/flipflop as padding for his hand, as he hobbles across.

In the PC spirit spreading across LJ, here's Full Disclosure: No pedestrians were run over during the shooting of these pics!

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