What oh what could she be thinking of?

Continuing my response to 's Friday Four Photo Project (F2P2). Having succumbed to temptation (log-in for protected post) its time for CONTEMPLATION.

Some weeks ago we visited my cousin-brother and his family in CT. My adorable niece Nisha, is the first one up and awakens everyone else to play with her (read – attend to her every whim!). By mid-morning, we had finished brunch and I caught her thinking deeply. Got me wondering, What, oh what could be going on in this little four year old's mind?

Maybe it's that big 'bu-bu' on her leg. She insisted I take a pic of it. She was probably concerned that was going to leave a big scar and mar her aspirations for supermodel-dom.

Perhaps, she was weighing how best to deal with this young man who seemed smitten during the party the previous evening. Whatever it was that she was reflecting on, I feel proud that she will make a thoughtful decision. One of these days, I will too 🙂

Pic taken with Nikon N75, 85mm/1.8, and ISO 100 Fuji Reala.
The camera shop is going to get a piece of my mind for those scratches!

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