Around Kalbadevi, Mumbai

In Mumbai, I am always reminded of how little the people have, how much they crave work opportunities and when they do find opportunities, how hard they work. No wonder then, they excel in everything once they arrive in the 'land of opportunity.'

In september, I was running an errand in Kalbadevi. As I waited, I tried to capture images of laborers pulling/pushing their “haath-gaadis” (hand carts) with heavy loads. Then as I took a cab along Kalbadevi Rd to the the Strand Book Stall near VT, I kept clicking. The cab provided a sanctuary to capture moments which I probably could not on foot. Fascinating I say, only because you wouldn't see any of this in the US; but also highlights the hard work and resilience of our people.

Seeing this I also wonder, how can we, with access to so much technological innovations and entrepreneurship, make their life a little easier, better, simpler? Can we use technology to make their carts a little lighter, more sturdier, more easier to pull or push? I don't think selling them more shampoo, or DVD players or Nike brand shoes helps in any way!

The Indian version of 'Take you kid to work' Day – Everyday!

There are always more loads to haul!

As my cab waited at a light, here is what I saw.

As my cab pulled away, my heart sank when I noticed this older gentleman pulling the heavy load; while I relaxed in the comfort of the cab.

If you can't pull or push it, carry it on your head! Note: India has a high incidence of neck arthritis. Unheard of in developed countries!

So how hard did you work today?

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