Happy Gudi Padva


Celebrating Ugadi & Gudi Padva
Wishing Everyone
Joy, Peace and Contentment in
the New Year
M & A

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  1. Dear arun sir
    This suresh from mangalore (born n brought up in mumbai) my wife belongs to kumta herwatta. I have 5 year old baby girl and expecting another soon by the grace of lord ramnath. My question is for our prabhu family having gotra as kamasha, purush is not clearly known some are saying that our prabhu family purush is under the holy legs of lord ramnath kindly guide my for the correct answer

    1. Good to hear from you Suresh and congratulations on the new one coming soon. Wishing you all the very best.
      Verily Ramnath’s grace.

      At the Ramnathi Devasthan, there are shrines for many Purusha’s with their family trees (at least partially) described. I am sure one of the many priests there is very familiar with the correct Purusha for your family and can help you the best. So it appears that you need to visit Ramnathi and visit the Purush there.

      It will be a great trip.

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