Nutella: Such things are inevitable

Some time last year, I underwent this temporary crisis. Recently an LJ friend had a similar, end of the world-like experience.

Here’s how I save myself from further anguish – Stock up on Nutella! Need my morning Nutella fix.
Stock-up Nutella jars by Arun Shanbhag


  1. […] the visit, we picnicked on the lawn out front with Chapatti rolls spread with Nutella. Meera had a gala time chasing sparrows all over the greens. Then she delighted in chocolate […]

  2. […] Such things are inevitable in life! « Arun Shanbhag says: August 18, 2007 at 2:10 am […]

  3. […] weather all week and finally prepare appropriate clothing. Wake up at 7-ish, eat a heavy breakfast (nutella slathered on whole wheat bread and two cups of coffee). An hour-long stretch while listening to […]

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