Mangeshi Devasthan, Goa

Photo of the Mangeshi Temple Goa by Arun Shanbhag

This follows a longer write-up on the Ramnathi Devasthan.

The Mangeshi Devasthan in Goa is a crown jewel of Konkani Temples. The Shiva Linga representing Mangesh, was originally in the ancient temple of Kushastali (Cortalim, Salcete Taluka). When the Portuguese destroyed the original temple in 1561, the linga was relocated across the Zuari River near other konkani temples. The current temple was constructed on land donated by a devotee in the mid- 1800's and has been renovated several times.

Architecturally, the Mangeshi Devasthan is considered highly distinctive of Goan Konkani Style – a mix of several local influences; the Dravidian Vimana, as well as islamic lattices are incorporated. The classically Goan Konkani deep stambha, a seven-storeyed octagonal lamp tower, is very distinctive and observed on many paintings, brochures and travel guides on Goa. Also made famous because this is Lata Mangeshkar's Kula-devasthan.

We visit the Mangeshi temple on every visit to Goa. Its only a few kms from the Ramnathi Devasthan and most of the Konkani temples are clustered together. Just a quick darshan and we will not stay long. But the memories will stay with us for ever.

Contact details for Mangeshi Devasthan (Per Pankaj in comments):
Office: 0832.234.3904.

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  1. hi
    Planning to visit Mangeshi temple, on 2nd march 2017 we room for 2 days
    Please can u suggest rooms near Mangeshi temple.

  2. Have they by any chance upgraded their marriage to AC?Was looking for AC wedding halls in Ponda and regions around.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Not sure about the situation at Mangeshi, but you should check.
      At the Ramnathi Devasthan, which is nearby, they do have air-conditioning at the hall. It is not central a/c, but is pleasant. I don’t think any of the overnight staying rooms are not A/c.

  3. Tushar Kulkarni says:


    Looks like Shri Mangeshi Devasthan website no longer exists!

    Any idea if the same has got changed off-late?

    Tushar Kulkarni

  4. Narayan Nadkarni says:

    Planning to visit Mangeshi temple, next month from 26th January,2015 to 30th January 2015. Please can u suggest rooms near Mangeshi temple.

    • You can contact the Mangeshi devasthan office directly by telephone to make your room reservation. If they are full, they will recommend you to nearby Ramnathi Devasthan or the Shanta Durga Devasthan. You may need to take an auto from there.

      Since your dates do not appear to be any festival days, you will likely get a room. I am currently in Boston, USA; Pl contact the temple office directly.


      • I have called Mr Uday on his cell mentioned by you in your blog but he has mentioned that he is no more working for the temple office.

        • THank you Sharmila for bringing this to my attention. I will edit the information.
          I also noticed that their website is down. Let me try and contact someone in Goa and get the correct information for you. If I forget, please do remind me.

          BTW, Could you please ask Uday for the correct Phone # and update me?

          Best Wishes for the New Year.

  5. Sudeep kumar says:

    I want to do marrage by hindu religion,I have court married in 2011,but i have not married with hindu tradition up to now due to a busy life.Now i want to do marrage as quickly as fast in this month in a hindu temple.Can U advise me?

    • Hi Sudeep,
      You could go to any temple in your city and ask the priest to arrange a marriage. This is a set item on their menu and they will arrange it as you prefer. I am not sure where you live, or if you have a family temple, but that would be the logical first place to start.

      Good luck and Congratulations

  6. Hello Arun,

    I stumbled upon your blog while researching for Mangueshi pics. We are currently working on redoing their site and I have offered the revamp on a pro-bono basis. I was wondering if you would be okay if I use the beautiful images you have clicked on the new site. We will create a separate section for credits wherein we can highlight your contribution. Please let me know if thats okay. I have some pictures of my own but they may not be enough. More the better! I would love to show you the layout of the new site, if you wish to.

    Thanks very much for your help in advance.




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  3. […] Flower Sellers at the Mangeshi Temple, Goa; scroll to end […]

  4. […] Flower Sellers at the Mangeshi Temple, Goa; scroll to end […]

  5. […] Flower Sellers at the Mangeshi Temple, Goa; scroll to end […]

  6. […] Flower Sellers at the Mangeshi Temple, Goa; scroll to end […]

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