Holy Name and an Asli Vada Pau

About Holy Name!

Holy Name High School is our alma mater on Colaba Causeway. While it offers a decent education (see, I turned out pretty ok) it truly excels in discipline. Unpolished shoes secured you the humiliation of being pulled out of line and lectured; chewing gum in class earned you a scolding and standing with knees bent in the corner for 15 minutes (great for building thighs, btw); and pushing kids around during recess earned you 20 whacks from the foot-long ruler – with the sharp edge. And who would be wielding it? None other than Sister Mercy! We would be begging for mercy alright! So does this mean , after his late night binge drinking is hankering for some discipline? 😉

Here is Holy Name High School early last September. It was about 7 in the morning and only a few students were out practising basket ball. From kindergarden to 10th grade, I knew this place better than home. Today, my knees and elbows are still rough from the falls and bruises on that harsh concrete ground. Tough lessons to carry you through life. Thank you Holy Name!

And a few steps ahead, across from Regal Cinema on the Sahakari Bhandar sidewalk, a REAL Vada Pau. Reminds me to stock up on Imodium for our upcoming Bharat-Yatra 😉

Click here for a short slideshow. Few other Mumbai pics in the slide show. First is Regal Cinema, then the Vada Pau wallah, followed by the sandwich wallah and the chai wallah! A few more of the Taj Mahal and Gateway of India you have prolly seen before. Enjoy!

© 2005 Arun Shanbhag

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