Movie Meme!

1. Total number of movies I own:
VHS = >50 (this is after I donated about 80 VHS tapes to a local library)
DVD = 66 [57 Bollywood; 9 non-Indian)

2. The last film (DVD) I bought:
Buena Vista Social Club – This was about a year ago. Stopped buying movies – joined Netflix.

3. The last movie I watched:
In theater: Matrix III – yeah, a long time ago.
On DVD: Cinema Paradiso (Italian)
On TV: Sorry, don't watch TV at all!
On video: Pulled out the “Brother Cadfael” Series from my collection. Set in 12th century England. Derek Jacobi acts as a Benedictine Monk. With some Crusader experience he is the local healer, as well as the detective. Beautifully done series! Check with your local library. The Episode “Virgin in the Ice” is my favorites. I recently downloaded and listened to the related Audiobook by Peter Ellis. The video series is one of my all time bests! If I buy another DVD set, it will be this one.

4. Movies that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:
– Casablanca (Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman) All time favorite!
– A Walk in the Clouds (Keanu Reeves & Aitana Sanchez-Gijon)
– When Harry Met Sally (Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan)
– Matrix (Keanu Reeves& Laurence Fishburne)
– Broken Arrow (John Travolta and Christian Slater)
– Albela (Bhagwan & Geeta Bali 1950's)

5. Pick others to include in their journal:
– Whoever has not done one yet

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