Chicago: An architectural wonderland

Last week saw me on a short trip to Chicago. The city never ceases to amaze me! As a student, we lived in Chicago for three years. Even though we were always broke, we had some of our best memories there. So I take every opportunity to visit Chicago. The architecture on the lake front is spectacular. Puts Boston to shame. The hotel I stayed in was on Michigan Ave, smack in the middle of the Magnificent Mile – the creme de la creme of shopping. Of course, I did not spend a single penny. Though, treated myself to a nice architectural boat tour on the Chicago river. Well worth it! I shot this pic on the Michigan Ave bridge, looking towards downtown. Below, flows the Chicago River.

It's also a great city for running. Bright and early, I'd run south on Michigan Ave, past the Millennium Park, Art Institute of Chicago (Google maps Hotel to Art Institute) Grant Park, turn on Roosevelt (scroll down on the map) and cut over to the lake front. In the google map, you can just see the empty marina. There must have been a 1000 sail boats bobbing at their slips. What a magnificent sight! I continued north along Lake Shore Drive (yeah, running on LSD!), turn left on Chicago Ave back to Michigan Ave, and back to the Hotel. Perfect! Then I would be ready to pig out!

Early morning view of the same Michigan Ave from my hotel room. The roads are deserted and the buildings bask in the light of the rising sun.

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  1. Thank you Arun for taking the time to look in my space and share your thoughts. I appreciate it. Looking forward to discovering more of your thoughts thru your posts here and the beautiful pictures you take. You can expect a lot of comments from me in the future. God bless!

  2. thank you for introducing me to your blog.
    Very nice writing and beautiful pics!

    Yes, we lived in Chicago for three years – that was several years ago and I still visit regularly there to visit friends, for work and ran the marathon there in 2006! Yaay!

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