Breakfast in Montreal

Chez Cora Dejeuners Montreal Canada pics by Arun Shanbhag
I get cranky without a good breakfast. Particularly when traveling. I do more research on breakfast places, than on sightseeing. So it was with Montreal. On our first morning, we walked over to Chez Cora Dejeuners (1425 Rue Stanley, off Rue Ste Catherine). I had read a lot about it and was ready to be disappointed. When we came up the street, seeing customers lining outside was a good sign. After about a 30 minute wait, we got a nice table with sunlight streaming in from large windows. We ordered random things from the menu. An omelet wrapped in a crepe for M (see next pic), and a waffle on a bed of fruits for me (see above). This place is known for its generous fruit servings and all their breakfasts are accompanied with lots of fruit. Yes, it was del-i-cious! Fueled us for a long day walking around Montreal. Another of my characteristics – once I find something good, I hang on to it. So for the next couple of days we started our days at Chez Cora.

M and her omelet (Soft, camera stayed on the grapes).

The next day, fruits and crepes.
Chez Cora Dejeuners Montreal Canada pics by Arun Shanbhag

In the historic part of Montreal (Vieux Montreal), the fabulous Basilique Notre Dame. The plaza was a popular gathering place for locals and tourists. They were showing a movie in the church and unfortunately we could not visit inside. Apparently very spectacular.
Basilique Notre Dame Montreal Canada pics by Arun Shanbhag

The waterfront was beautifully restored with rows of beautiful buildings along the Rue de la Commune. On the right along the water itself, there is a bike path, lots of well-manicured greens and the Promenade. It was a beautiful evening and packed with people walking, talking, cycling, roller-blading or just hanging out. Very pleasant!
Rue de la Commune waterfront Montreal Canada pics by Arun Shanbhag

Since Montreal had its beginnings as a missionary village in 1642, there is no dearth of churches here. Another beautiful church along the waterfront. Chapelle Notre Dame de-Bonsecours – the spiritual home of of Quebec's sailors
Chapelle Notre Dame de-Bonsecours Montreal Canada pics by Arun Shanbhag

We ducked in narrow alleys and enjoyed beautifully restored buildings, neat antique places and salivated at menus displayed in tiny windows. The streets are end-to-end with restaurants. Prices seemed very reasonable (compared to Boston!) and we had a nice Italian dinner. As we walked around after dinner, this building caused everyone to pause and admire. Think this used to be the City Hall. (No flash and hand-held!)

Old Montreal City Hall pics by Arun Shanbhag

Certainly, you will see more of Montreal in the coming weeks!

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