Kumta: Field of Dreams

pics from Kumta by Arun Shanbhag
The road leading from my cousin's house in Chitragi to the Kumta (paent) market. It's a beautiful 10 minute walk. Here, bicycles serve as family vehicles. Notice how calmly, mom and infant are enjoying the ride on the rack.

The open drains on the side of the roads, carry the heavy monsoon rain water run-off. Ahead, cows resting on side of the road.

And across is this spectacular rice field. Despite having seen this field hazaar times, I am ever in awe. Depending on the time of day, or year, its a different scene. These pics are from an evening in September 2004; the light has a golden tinge and shadows are getting long. Monsoon rains have just ended, and the crop is starting to mature.

In this God-fearing country, the parting greeting is: Dev Bare Karo literally, May God do you good
pics from Kumta by Arun Shanbhag

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26 thoughts on “Kumta: Field of Dreams

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  1. hi,
    gajanan here,
    i am very sorry for i could not keep my word.
    but then also i will try to edit the the video and send you the part which has the main event (taking out vadas with bare hands out of boiling oil).

    gajanan kamath.

    its me, & i am very sorry that i could not keep my promise of sending you the video of vade seva at kavoor kamakshi temple kumta for i could not get hold of the cd.
    now that i have got it i would like to mail you the same, i would have uploaded it on youtube but its very long (nearly 4.3GB)
    therefore i want your mail id if possible.
    waiting eagerly for your mail id,
    Ggajanan Kamath,

    1. Hi Gajanan:
      Don’t worry about the video. I realize that YouTube has a limit of 10 minutes. SO you may want to consider creating multiple files of 9 minutes each.

      My mail also has a 5-8 MB limit, so that will not work either.

      Best Wishes for the New Year!

    2. Hello can you please tell me when this vade seve will happen even i want to go this temple i am searching this temple long back finally i remember this temple name. so please guide me the address as well as pooja timings day and all . thank you.

      1. Madam,
        The Vade Seva (its also called VADE POONNAV) is held on the Full Moon Day (Pornima or Poonnav as we say in Konkani) after Dussehra, the place is Kavoor Kamakshi Temple Gujjar Galli, Kumta.
        The Seva is held at about 4.30 in the evening,but the function starts from morning onwards.

          1. Its held on the Pornima after Dussehra…this year in the month of October ( Oct 18th) .
            Will confirm the date a week later for I will be visiting Kumta next week.

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