Bharatnatyam: Rohitha Eswer & Rashmi Srinivasan

Rashmi Srinivasan and Rohitha Eswer during a bharatnatyam performance of Dashavatara, – ten avatars, or earthly forms of Vishnu. Here Rashmi is acting out Narasimha the man lion killing Hiranyakashipu. A beautiful performance by the talented husband and wife team from the Raasavrunda School of Dance, Mysore, Karnataka.

The choreography was exquisite. The first three avatars representing the fish, tortoise and the boar were superbly performed, considering the dancers had to represent water with their movements. Pleasantly, Rashmi played most of the Vishnu avataars, while Rohitha provided the supporting role: water for eg in the fish avatar and Ravana in the Rama avatar. The score for this piece was MS Subbulakshmi's Dashavatara recitation – which added to the joy of this performance. We both enjoyed and felt fortunate to see such talented artists. And support the indian arts!

The pair, dashing around stage!

I forget what piece this is from, but I love the pose!

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