Marina: Inspired by the East

Marina visited us over the last two days. She recently returned from a five month stay in India – most of it volunteering among the kids in Ladakh. As a solo girl criss-crossing the country, she experienced a unique slice of India with travels through Tamil-Nadu, Kerala and Mumbai. During the day we saw a few sights, talked a bit of philosophy, but mostly about people late into the night.

She was kind enough to share her sketch book – and through it she narrated her rich and varied experiences. Yes! she is a talented artist and will start studies on a scholarship at the Art Institute of Chicago. I would love to have some of her art work in my living room. Did I mention she is only 19, beautiful and has an infectious giggle? I would have been surprised if M was not slightly jealous. I was. My life before age 23 appears hazy with nothing memorable to reminisce about. As she is, so was I drawn to the light.

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