How to eat Paani Puri

How to eat Paani Puri at Kailash Parbat Pics by Arun Shanbhag

When visiting relatives confessed they had never eaten paani puri at a street stall, I was aghast. They had only eaten pani puri at nice, sterile hygienic restaurants!!! Where the puris, fillings and chutneys are served in a multitude of tiny saucers, you mix it all yourself, spoon the paani and eat. Sacrilege! Is that any way to enjoy paani puri?

So I herded them to Kailash Parbat in Colaba's 1st Pasta Lane. This is how you eat paani puri! At an outdoor stall, the bhayya pokes the puri with his thumb, scoops the filling, dunks it in a large pot of spicy jeera paani and flops the dripping puri on your plate. All in one fluid motion. You just have to stuff it in your mouth. Be quick to gulp, coz the next one is on the way! After the last one, … you slurp the paani.

How tasty? See the girl in the back licking her fingers? Yes, that good! Then you head over to the other side for a lassi or rabri! πŸ™‚

When we were kids, a pot-bellied maharaj with no shirt, held court. Now with “India Shining,” this puny guy is serving with gloves! Instead of a terracotta matka they have a steel pot. But still tasty!

The only address you need to know for a good Paani Puri.
Best place for chaat in Mumbai Colaba Pics by Arun Shanbhag

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  1. Havent been to Kailash Parbat.. but we have another popular Paani puri place in Bandra .. its called Karachi something … gosh I cant remember its full name at the moment .. maybe coz its so late in the night and I really shd go to bed now :). But ya .. its got the best Paani-puri EVER !!! And ya .. the bhayya there did the thumb poking thing to fix us our pani puris.. not to forget the skillfully grown finger nail intended to make a precise puncture in the pooris. Ugh ! Sounds so gross when I type it .. but u know when I visit Bombay each time.. I once again grow oblivious to the lack of hygiene at the pani puri place and just focus on enjoying the perfect pani puri served to me. Oh and have u heard of Hersheys near Bandstand, Bombay ? Ya I prefer to call it Bombay and not Mumbai ! They make the best Rumballs ! Yumm .. yumm. If u havent been to Hersheys.. make sure to try it out the next time you visit Bombay.

    1. Good to hear of your love of paani-puris! The bestest mumbai eat! I had it at KP several times on this visit – it also helps populate my intestinal flora.

      Did not know of the Karachi-wala ? place in Bandra – will have to check it out!

      And hersheys near the Bandstand? I know that area well – will certainly look it up.

      And thank you for sharing;
      how is Neal doing?
      Best Wishes to all

      1. The place is called Karachi Sweets. It’s across the road from St. Joseph’s convent on Hill Road. You have to go behind all the clothing, shoes and handbag vendors on the street.

        The bakery is called Hearsh Bakery and it is on Hill Road as well. It shares a wall with Holy Family hospital (you know, just in case πŸ˜‰

  2. That is a really sanitized version of paani puri! And Kailash Parbat, too! I haven’t visited in over 6 years now but my husband told me they use Bisleri for their paani. πŸ˜€

    As for Belgaum che pedhe – OMG! They’re soooo good!

    1. yes indeeed, they use Bisleri for their paani! (gosh)
      but still tasty and packs quite a punch. Kailash Parbat IS my long-time steady! πŸ˜‰

      On this visit did nibble (yes, nibble) on belgaum pedas offered as prasad for Ganapati. Ganesh Chaturthi does a number on your diet plans; really! So many goodies, such a small stomach! shame.

      best, best!

  3. While you are there – a few more places to try.
    Sri Krishna Batata vada wala in Dadar(West). This is absolutely the best in the world. Very close to it is Purohit and buy some pedas there. It is a tradition in my family to buy pedas there when a child is born.

    1. Now, I’m here!
      But thank you for food tips for next visit.
      We have a Purohits near Churchgate, which was popular for the Thali.

      Reminds me, have not have good Belgaum Pedas in ages! πŸ™‚

  4. Excellent Post ! I have been fortunate to find excellent pani puri stalls at various times in my life. If you are in Mumbai – can you please visit Prakash Shakahari Bhuvan near Shiv Sena Bhavan and try the Piyush there. A picture of a glass of Piyush, detailed desciption of its taste and some guess or research on how it is made will help.

    1. Being a Southie I have never ventured near the Shivaji Park Area. But of late, my cousin has got me hooked on Gypsy, near the Sena Bhavan and their indian-chinese is super!

      Have never had Piyush, but will certainly look it up and let you know. Yaay! One more reason to go food exploring!

  5. THank Sunshine Mom!
    Certainly the bestest Paani-Puri

    On every visit I eat this to boost my immunity system πŸ™‚
    … and teach my taste buds to recognize great paani-puri!

    just got back from trying some of their ragda pattis and dahi-bata puri as well!

  6. Huge huge fan of Kailash Parbat, Colaba. I took my kids there all the way from Thane:) Used to stay in the locality! Thanks for the snaps – I loved traveling down memory lane. The place deserves a mention! Ragda pattice and Chhole Bhature are to die for, and no one makes malai rabdi the way they do:)

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