Golas: Shaved Ice!

What is it about golas that makes kids throw tantrums?
Here is my nephew Nived enjoying one!

The hand crank spins the ice block over a sharp blade. With a reassuring khluCH, khluCH, khluCH, the shaved ice falls as effortlessly as drifting snow. As a kid I was mesmerized by this magical transformation. The girl appears equally in awe.
The gentleman in the foreground reminds us, there is no age limit to enjoying the simple joys in life.

The maker cups the shaved ice in his palms, punches a small stick and squeezes it tight. As a kid, how many time have I stared at this action! I would have insisted he pick up the remnants of shaved ice from the base of the gizmo. 😛

He asks the girl to pick the flavor and with a few shakes, douses the virgin snow ball in color. The girl purses her lips in anticipation! I too was salivating! Enjoy!

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