Crocuses: Blush of Spring

Last week, winter's icy claws loosened. The frozen ground yielded; and like butterflies from an underground vault, these golden crocuses burst forth! Passing strangers paused and held their breath. Kids pointed to this burst of color, in an otherwise forlorn landscape, and their eyes gleamed in joy.

For how much longer will dogwoods, cherries and maples hold their blooms. How much longer before blue jays dance on japanese maple boughs? How much longer before freshly painted toes grace open sandals, and mini-skirts rim slender legs? The blush of spring is spreading!





Soloists! You can tell how tiny these are by the blades of grass in the background.





6 thoughts on “Crocuses: Blush of Spring

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    1. THank you Manasi!

      I just remembered; over the years, chipmunks, squirrels and racoons have dug up the bulbs; so we don’t have these in the yard anymore;

      Last fall we plant more bulbs, lets see what Spring pops out!

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