Back from the Konkani Sammelan

Just returned from the fascinating and utterly exhausting Konkani Sammelan held in Toronto, Canada. For three days we were immersed in all aspects of Konkani life amidst 1,700 others from North America. We ate delicious konkani foods served up by chefs brought from Bangalore, India and Pittsburgh, USA, specifically for this event. From eight in the morning to midnight, we were entertained by back to back plays, skits, music, dance, educational and cultural seminars, and a healthy dose of panchadika (gossip).

Like Konkanis historically, we lived a nomadic life here in the US, moving from city to city every few years (Boston is our longest stay). So this Sammelan gave us an opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with old friends, and make new ones. I even got to meet the talented . The play she acted in was “sold out,” and I could not see her perform. 😦

Sadly, we missed a few friends who are no longer with us. Meeting with their families was soothing; And only strengthened my resolve to squeeze every drop of happiness from this life. At the end of the Sammelan, I hurried through the good byes ~ ordinarily, I like to just sneak away ~ and we promised ourselves to meet more often.

On a personal note, my talk Konkani Temples in Goa was well received. In responding to the innumerable requests for copies of my talk (bibliography and pictures), I have prepared a separate post on , listing the Bibliography and other links.

2 thoughts on “Back from the Konkani Sammelan

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  1. Hi Tiba:
    Thank you for your kind endorsement! You are very generous!.

    Here I have tried to see inside and share what matters most to me … and it happens to be everything related to India, mumbai and konkanis. and of course food!

    and thank you for patiently browsing through the articles. I don’t know if I’d have the patience to go through them again.

    Also, as you go through the articles, if you seeing anything amiss or in need of an update, please do drop me a line.

    And sorry to hear of your foot woes. Hope you get better soon; Am I to infer you were schooled in bangalore?

    and yaay! marathon training progresses, albeit achingly!
    best wishes

  2. Hi Arun

    You blog has got me hooked – having a slack time in the office and have been reading all posts starting from 2004.

    Good luck for the forthcoming marathon and as they say in
    Japanese – Ganbatte kudasai! (put up a good fight!)

    Keep up the good work and continue posting. Thru your posts I am able to see the world and run thru areas and streets – vicariously -running is a rather formidable activity for me.

    I have terrible knees and am unable to run and a recent metatarsal injury has made even walking a chore. But I always count my blessings and move on – I thank the Carmel nuns in school who taught me that!


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