Chai Time

Pics of two guys drinking chai at Kamakshi Canteen Ramnathi Temple Goa Arun Shanbhag

After performing the Lagu Rudra abhishek, an honor accorded the Kulaviis at the Shanteri Kamakshi Ramnath Devasthan, I sneak away to the canteen beside the front entrance. They make the best missal and ussal paav. As I gorge myself, I notice these two guys on a chai break. Both were caught up in their own thoughts and did not utter a single word to each other. Prolly none were needed. Their mere presence supported each other.

Pics of Vishnu & Lakshmi; Krishna; Saraswati Lakshmi and Ganapati; Lakshmi; Venugopal
Closeup of wall calendars, from left:
Vishnu and Lakshmi;
Krishna demonstrating his all pervading form and as Arjuna's charioteer;
Saraswati, Lakshmi and Ganapati; see another poster here
Lakshmi – representing the divine mother, incorporating all the other devis.
Venugopal – Krishna playing the flute

Another Chai Time at adjacent canteen at Ramnathim, Goa.

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