Vienna: Those pastries tempt

pics of Gerstner Bakery Vienna Austria by Arun Shanbhag

Gerstner Bakery, Vienna, Austria
The year has been crazy: traveled seven countries and ran two marathons (Boston and Chicago). This week I tended sore legs. In the gym, I simply stretched aching muscles and tendons, worked on the upper-body (M thinks I have the attractive physique of a starving ethiopian refuge) and caught up on gossip. For the rest of the year, I refuse to venture far from home. A self-imposed grounding.

But I can still travel through photographs. Let me introduce you to this beautiful bakery in the center of Vienna. Our host and friend, Mr Eichler gave us the insider's tour of Vienna and brought us to this fixture in Wiener culture. While many other bakeries in town served pastries, this one was head and shoulders above. The place had an old-world charm, and their melange was simply the best. These pastries would go well with that filter kaapi, no?

I'll stop the words now and let your eyes take in the masterpieces. And stop drooling on the keyboard.

The Complete Austria Travelogue:

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