Boston Marathon 2007

Boston Marathon 2007
time: 3:59:17
pace: 9:08/mile

30 minutes faster than my last year’s time of 4:29:18.

Overcome by the gushing support and outpouring of best wishes from all my friends on LJ. Thank you! (WordPress post here.)

Despite all the drinks and four GU Gels I imbibed during the run, I still lost 6 pounds during the race! Resting at home today! My knees are a mess and I can barely walk – but truly satisfied!

The race started slow, with a light drizzle and streams of rain water flowing in the streets. Did not even notice the start line come up till I was over it. Forgot to start my stopwatch, then fumbled with the different functions; it was about 20 – 30 seconds before I got it right! Noticed I was doing 10 min miles for the first three and nearly gave up hope of finishing under 4 hours.

Then the rains stopped and I decided to give it my best shot; and within a few miles I was back on track. At mile 10, I was close to 180 minutes and my 9 min/mile pace. That was a key turning point. From then on I consulted the 4 hour pacing table on my wrist and was consistently tracking 1 or 2 minutes faster. But every water break, gel break (and two bathroom breaks) or stretching for a few seconds would slow me down. And since I was not sure how late I had started my stopwatch, I wanted at least a minute cushion per my watch.

When we turned the corner to face the Four hills in Newton I was still on track. … And after attacking Heartbreak hill … I was still on track! O M G! What a feeling keeping pace running up the hills. Felt like stopping to stretch my legs, but I knew I did not have any spare time. I was so nauseatingly exhausted that at the water stop at mile 23 I took in the water, couldn't drink it and promptly spit it out. That refreshed me as it cleared the bile from my mouth. And I was still within a minute! OMG! I so badly wanted to stop! But knew I was so close!

Then passed Mile 25 marker and the CITGO sign! Turned on Commonwealth Ave. Still a minute ahead of pace!

Felt like dying, but the crowds were thick; four or five deep at least!

Turned on Hereford St and less than half a mile away. Stopped and walked for a few seconds!

Turned on Boylston St! And the wall of spectators! Just had to keep running!

That “Boston Marthon” banner seemed so far away! Tunnel vision!

Just can't stop!

Saw the huge timer at the finish line and knew I could do it! Tried to smile for the cameras at the finish line. Shuffled so I'd land my right foot (with the timing chip) on the center of the timing mat.

Phew, I think I did it!

After a few steps, collapsed to the street, and a volunteer helped me up. Walked a little and collapsed again. And a friend grapped me. I could barely walk!

Met M, checked my final time at a computer station and I was 3:59:17!

O … M … G!

I did it in under 4!

In utter Pain, but with the biggest grin, I hobbled on!

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