Wave Back to the Kids in Kodari

During my travels to Nepal and Tibet, it was such a delight to photograph kids; even when they were simply waving at our passing bus. This is on my return trip through the border town of Kodari, Nepal. Eleven cute kids in these two households!
… feel free to wave back at them!

Kids watching the bus in Kodari

Before that, we were waiting on a bridge for 15 minutes. Young mothers returning from buying groceries.
Mothers going Grocery Shopping by Arun Shanbhag

A mother with a regal stride follows her jubilant son.
Mother and child in Kodari pic by Arun Shanbhag

This kids seems to be wondering about the folks in the bus.
Kid watching the bus in Kodari

To start at the beginning of the Kaliash Manasarovar Travelogue, click the following link:
Rendevous with Sagarmatha (Everest)

9 thoughts on “Wave Back to the Kids in Kodari

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  1. Hello !!

    As a part of fact-finding mission and research before undertaking the yatra myself in 2007, I came across your travel pages. I must confess that your pages were full of insigts that were extremely useful during the journey. Sad I am so late in thanking you for your wonderful travelogue.

    The yatra brought in a new perspective and my outlook towards life is all the more positive.

    Thank you again for your tremendous effort.

    ~be in bliss

  2. Seema!
    Fabulous to hear from you! And how could I forget one of our team-mates. That was a trip we will remember for ever. Nothing else will come close.

    Thanks for posting this comment and your kinds words about the post!

    Keep in touch.

    (sent you an email separately!)

  3. Arun saab

    Seema here. Remember? I guess, big NO. A member of Shanbhag group from Kailash Manas yatra, Sheela’s friend. I am reading your pages repeatedly and experiencing the whole yatra again. It gives me immense pleasure to see the photos which I could not manage to get at that time.
    I am very greatful to you for giving us the treasure to preserve for lifetime.
    Recently I had been to Dr. Shanbhag’s house with Sheela and I came to know that you were there the previous day.


  4. Hi Raj
    We went with Kesari Tours in Mumbai. Their organization was outstanding – though we had some issues with their immature leadership during contentious issues with their customers.

    BTW, they actually subcontract it to a group in Nepal call Richa Travels and Tours. You may be better off contacting them directly.

    Good Luck

  5. Hi Arun
    Planning Kailash Mansarovar yatra next year , Could you please tell me which tour operator you use.


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