Virupaksha Temple, Hampi: Faith

From our visit a few years ago, to the Virupaksha Temple in Hampi, Karnataka.
Virupaksha Temple, Hampi pic by Arun Shanbhag
click image for a larger version;

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  1. oh… i have visited badami, pattadakallu and aihole… beautiful places isn’t it? i have to take my husband to those places one day.
    and today after seeing ur post on shanbhag fastfood i can hardly resist from staying there 😀

  2. Sia,
    When you visit Hampi, stay at the Shanbhag International in nearby Hospet (btw, no relation!) It is a convenient location and they have three different restaurants catering to different classes of folks. What a treat that was. We had some of the best time there. M (my wife) wouldn’t mind visitng there, just to stay and eat there.

    heh, my brother graduated from the SDM Engg in Dharwad (~ 1990?)

    To deal with family and friends, within a couple of days of landing, we leave for a 10 day trip. And on our return we have a gathering at one of my cousins place or have a party at a restaurant and invite every one 😉 We now have atleast one touristy trip planned during each visit. … and now i invite some cousins to join us too.

    heh – we will be in coastal karnataka: kumta, Honavar, Udupi; and Goa in Dec too! We are planning on travelling down to Kanya Kumari and visiting places along the way. where will you be?

    Have a fab visit!

    PS, Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal and Hampi are all in one line and all are magnificent. You need about 5 days to cover all this. 🙂

  3. being a kannadiga i feel really ashamed for not visiting hampi till now 🙂

    Sia – don’t be hard on yur self; I grew up mostly in South Mumbai and had not seen may beautiful parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra. Atleast now we have the desire and the means to visit these places – now we should! Enjoy your travels. ~ Arun

  4. i am planning to visit hampi in dec if we get enough time from family and friends 😀 actually i did my graduation in dharwad and what a fool i was not to visit hampi during 4 yrs of my stay there…

  5. Thank you Sia:
    Hampi is indeed a stunning temple city. I am amazed that so much exquisite art and very few have actually taken the trouble to see it. A must see when you visit Karnataka again.
    If you are visiting there, let me know if you need any pointers.

  6. Smriti – heh heh! Thanks.
    This is a beautiful pic of a beautiful temple – but I was just not satisfied with all the color. Then when I was playing with the b/w I felt I had it! In the larger version you may be able to see that the lady’s step is still in the air. It added a certain dynamism to the image! This selective coloring was my way of focussing on her.

    yes, as soon as you comment, i get an e-mail notification. The downside here is “no threading” of comments 😦
    LJ has done it well!

  7. I have seen this picture on your other blog, and always thought to myself that the effect is marvelous. Now I leave a comment here, because this blog is so comment-bare.

    By the way, does WordPress have something to send you email when someone comments on an entry? That is something I really like about LJ.

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